In 1953 I married Alan Sues, an actor, and we did comedy sketches in night clubs in New York and California. I continue to dance on television until 1968.

In 1970 I started designing a line of women's high fashion sportswear. My company ran for 22 years under my own label. In 2003 the passion of my life gave birth to music - my instrument, the piano - my genre, jazz and tango. Now it's 2013 and my activities include tango dancing, writing and performing music and vigorous daily exercise (yoga, tennis, jump rope, etc.

It's all here. Listen to my music and songs, and watch me dance the tango.

Hope you enjoyed my story. I'm Phyllis Sues.
What you're going to see and hear is a thumbnail sketch of 92 years on this beautiful planet beginning April 4, 1923. My pretty normal life became exciting when I had my first ballet lesson. No question in my mind that this was it for me. I was 14.

From then on it was all dance. Five long-run Broadway shows and two flops... then two months in South America with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. In 1941, I performed as a Spanish dancer in a USO tour for the Air Corps. From 1942 to 1948 it was Broadway. In 1948, I met Donnie Weissmuller, a fabulous dancer, and we became a successful team performing in America and Europe.